Peter, Paul and Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary was one of America's most successful folk groups of the 1960s. The trio was composed of Peter Yarrow ( born 1938 ), Noel "Paul" Stookey ( b. 1937 ) and Mary Travers ( 1936-2009 ).

Band History

The group was founded by the impresario Albert Grossman. He wanted to create a folk supergroup, by " a tall blonde " ( Travers), " a funny guy " ( Stookey ) and "a handsome guy " ( Yarrow ) brought together. The first appearance of the group took in 1961 at the Bitter End, a coffee shop in New York's Greenwich Village, instead, it was a popular place to hear folk artists. The following year, the group recorded their first album, Peter, Paul and Mary. The album has been out for ten months in the top ten and three years in the top 100 list of Billboard Magazine.

By 1963 they had produced three LPs and their highly successful song Puff, the Magic Dragon brought out the Yarrow had written in 1958. Another hit was their version of If I Had a Hammer ( Lee Hays / Pete Seeger ), which they also sang at the March on Washington for work and freedom, on the Martin Luther King held his famous speech I Have a Dream.

After their appearance at this event, the Group had the following many years the best-known representatives of the civil rights movement and was also active on other social issues. Her biggest success was Bob Dylan's song Blowin 'in the Wind, the internationally conquered the charts - not single by Warner Bros. Records has ever sold so quickly. Other tracks by Bob Dylan, author of many protest songs of the '68 movement, were among her repertoire, for example, The Times They Are A - Changin ' and When the Ship Comes In.

Its subsequent number - one hit Leaving on a Jet Plane was written by the then-unknown John Denver.

Later the group members tried it with solo careers, but none had anywhere near the success that they had had together. However Stookeys The Wedding Song ( There Is Love ), was he in 1971 for Yarrows wedding with Marybeth McCarthy, a niece of Senator Eugene McCarthy, wrote to a standard song for weddings. Since 1978, when the group got together during a protest against nuclear power for a benefit concert again, the trio came back to together and brought out some new albums. In 1999, the group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.

Mary Travers became ill with leukemia in 2004 and died on 16 September 2009.



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