PGO is an abbreviation for:

  • Pagosa Springs, an airport in Colorado in the United States after the IATA code
  • Party group organizer in the GDR, see Socialist Unity Party of Germany
  • Paul Gauguin, a French painter who signed some of his works as
  • PGO Scooters ( derived from " Piaggio" ), a Taiwanese scooter manufacturer
  • Planning Community East, an organization for spatial planning in the Austrian provinces Eastern Region
  • Ponto - occipital cortex genikulo - waves in sleep medicine, short PGO waves, see REM sleep
  • Powiat Grodziski ( Greater Poland ) in Poland as a license plate
  • Prévôt, Gilles and Olivier, a French automobile manufacturer, refer PGO Automobiles
  • Profile Guided Optimization, a complicated technique for program optimization on the basis of test runs
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