Phil of the Future

  • Ricky Ullman: Phillip " Phil" Diffy
  • Craig Anton: Lloyd Diffy
  • Lise Simms: Barbara Diffy
  • Alyson Michalka: Keely Teslow

Phil of the Future ( Phil of the Future in the original English ) is an American television series created by the authors Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile.

The episodes of the series deal with the family Diffy from the year 2121, which has undertaken a journey into the 21st century and now stuck here because the time machine is broken.


After a holiday by the time history Diffy family lands from the 22nd century, at the present time, actually just for a stopover. But as Lloyd, the father, Barbara, the mother, Phil, the son, and Pam, Phil's sister, want to go back again in the 22nd century, the time machine is broken. As we learn later, through the story of Phil, he has no knowledge of his parents taken some time travel in order to help the girl Keely Teslow, reducing the time machine was overloaded. With this girl he befriends and later told her as only one of his true identity.

In the 43 episodes is mostly about the problems of Phil and Pam, the difficulties have to fit into an old-fashioned for her life.

In a later follow- Lloyd and Phil discover a Neanderthal man named Curtis, who travels with them as a stowaway since the stop in the Stone Age.


Phil ( Ricky Ullman ) is one of the main characters of the series. In the first season he goes to the ninth, tenth in the second in the class of HG Wells Junior / Senior High School. He is from the family of the well, the best deal is found in the ancient time. He is, as throughout the series becomes clear again and again, in love with Keely.

Pam (original Pim, played by Amy Bruckner ) is the little sister of Phil and also goes to the HG Wells Junior / Senior High School. She tries to outdo her brother, and her secret goal is to take over the world in itself.

Keely ( Alyson Michalka ) is the same age as Phil is the only outsiders who knows about the correct identity of Phil and his family. She learns Phil know when she gets math tutoring from him. It is a very fashion- conscious girls and wants to become a reporter later.

Lloyd ( Craig Anton ) is the father of Phil He's used to life in the 22nd century, and has great difficulty to settle in the old century. He usually has a good relationship with Phil, who often asks him for advice. He constantly tries to repair the time machine, which is why he has accepted a job working in a craft store to find the appropriate components.

Barbara ( Lise Simms ) is the mother of Phil and Pam. She mothered these usually very and is afraid to lose the relationship with their children. She is a passionate but unsuccessful cook because they can not cook according to the old methods, but it keeps trying.

Curtis (JP Manoux ) is a Neanderthal man from the Stone Age. He has sneaked aboard the time machine, when the family was at this time. It is only discovered later in the series.

Mr. Hackett (JP Manoux ) is the Vice Director of the School of Phil, Pam and Keely. He suspects that the Diffys are aliens and does everything it can to prove it.

Tia ( Brenda Song) is Keely's best friend in the first season. She is pretty, popular and friendly. In the second season she pulls away and Keely befriended instead with Olivia " Via ".

Debbie ( Kay Panabaker ) is a cyborg who is programmed to help everyone and to always do good. You may also childish things and thinks of himself as Pam's best friend. As a result, Halloween their true identity comes out, and she is defeated by Phil and melts. In the second season it is no longer visible.