Philotes (mythology)

Philotes ( ancient Greek Φιλότης ) is a goddess of Greek mythology. Your equivalent in Roman mythology Amicitia ( Friendship ).

According to Hesiod's Theogony she is the daughter of Nyx and thus the sister of negative personifications such as Geras eye preconceived (Age ), Thanatos (death), Eris ( Discord ), Apate ( falsehood ), Styx (hate ) or Nemesis ( vengeance ). In Hyginus Mythographus Amicitia is named as daughter of Nox and Erebus, Cicero calls instead of Amicitia the goddess of grace Gratia as the daughter of Nox and Erebus.

Philotes the one hand regarded as the personification of friendly love Philia, which corresponds to their transfer into the Roman mythology, on the other hand, it is proposed φηλήτης ( the cheater ) a derivative of the Greek word, which fits better after Otto Hoefer on the importance of their siblings.