Pierre Yver

Pierre concocted t ( born July 23, 1947) is a French former racing driver.

Concocted t was known primarily as a sports car driver and in this context his name is closely linked with the 24- hour race at Le Mans. In addition to the long distance race at the Sarthe, the Frenchman 1978-2001 was at all major sports car race at the start. His debut in Le Mans he gave in 1978 on a Lola T296 as a team partner of Michel Elkoubi and the subsequent Formula 1 driver Philippe Streiff. Hampered by several unscheduled pit stops, the trio came indeed to the finish, but was not considered after only 233 laps due to low mileage. In the following years concocted t came as a works driver Jean Rondeau repeatedly to Le Mans. His biggest success at Le Mans he scored but not for Rondeau, but for another French team owner, Yves Courage. For the team, he drove a 1987 Porsche 962C together with Jürgen Casual Bernard de Dryver to second place overall. The German was casual in the following years until 1992 to his tribe co-pilot.

The mid 1990s moved concocted t of the great prototypes in the GT class, where he was until 2001 mainly in the French Cup at the start.

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