The city of Pinghu (Ch平湖 市) is a county-level city in the prefecture-level city of Jiaxing in the north of China's Zhejiang province. Your country has an area of 537 km ², the sea area of 1,086 km ², it is one of 480,000 inhabitants ( 2004). Seat of government is the road district Danghu当 湖 街道.

The estate of Mo ( Moshi Zhuangyuan莫 氏 庄园) family from the late period of the Qing Dynasty is on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 6-565 ) since 2006.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, sets the county-level city of three road districts and seven large municipalities. These are:

  • Road district Danghu当 湖 街道
  • Road district Zhongdai钟 埭 街道
  • Road district Caoqiao曹 桥 街道
  • Greater community Zhapu乍浦 镇
  • Greater community Xindai新 埭 镇
  • Greater community Xincang新 仓 镇
  • Greater community Quantang全 塘镇
  • Greater community Huanggu黄 姑 镇
  • Greater community Guangchen广 陈镇
  • Greater community Lindai林 埭 镇