Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

The Coniferopsida are a class of seed plants. They include the extant conifers and their closely related, but extinct Voltziales. Based on molecular genetic features of the Gnetales are now frequently found in this group.


The conifers and Gnetales are morphologically so vastly different that the group has virtually no common features.


The class Coniferopsida two extant and an extinct order to be counted:

  • Conifers ( Coniferales )
  • Gnetales
  • Voltziales, the putative precursor of the extinct conifer

The position of Gnetales within the Coniferopsida is supported by many molecular genetic studies. Some, they display as a sister group of all other extant seed plants. However, cladistic analyzes that include fossil seed plants, they look close to the angiosperms and Bennettitales, with which they form the so-called Anthophyten.