Pizhma River (Komi Republic)


Position of Pischma ( Пижма ) in the catchment area of the Pechora

The Pischma (Russian Пижма ) is a left tributary of the Pechora in the Republic of Komi in northwestern Russia.

It has its origins in the lying on the lake Timanrücken Jamosero. She leaves the Jamosero south. In the middle reaches of the Pischma turns east. Above the mouth of the Swetlaja it is called Petschorskaja Pischma. In the lower reaches it flows predominantly in a northerly direction. It opens after a total of 389 km at Ust- Zilma in the Pechora. The Pischma has a catchment area of ​​5470 km ². Between the beginning of November and the end of April the river is covered with ice. The average discharge is 55 m³ / s Most important tributaries of the Pischma are the Wjatkina from left, as well as the Gnilaja that Swetlaja and the Umba from the right.