Place des Victoires

The Place des Victoires is one of the five so-called " royal courts " of Paris. It is located about 500 m north of the Louvre on the border of the 1st and the 2nd arrondissement.

The initiative for the area of ​​the square went out in the 1680s by the Marshal de La Feuillade, who wanted to honor the King Louis XIV. The name of the place was to commemorate the victory of the king in the French -Dutch War. The executed design by the architect Jules Hardouin -Mansart (1646-1708) foresaw the shape of a circle with a diameter of about 80 m, should converge in the three roads.

The uniformly designed building comes from the years 1687 to 1690. The ground floors of the houses were for stores previously seen ( in 2005 there are a few luxury shops such as Kenzo, and Thierry Mugler ), the higher floors were apartments of the nobility.

In the center stands the Monument of King Louis XIV with a height of about 12 m by Martin Desjardin was erected in 1686. This monument was built during the French Revolution on 11th - 13th August 1792 destroyed. In 1810, a statue of General Desaix was placed at this point. In 1828 the equestrian statue of King Louis XIV received today by François Joseph Bosio ( 1768-1845 ) followed.