The poles Sine ( in the Venetian language: Połéxine ) is an area in the north and north -eastern Italy, Veneto. The Polesine is mainly in the province of Rovigo and is therefore sometimes also called Polesine Rovigo. Geographically, the Polesine is limited by the area between the rivers Adige and Po and their mouths to the Adriatic Sea.

Major cities are Rovigo and the Adriatic Sea.


The name of the landscape comes from the Middle Latin etymology Policinum ( marshland ). Numerous floods have shaped the land between the two rivers again and again.

Both riverbeds (s) have approached each other over the centuries. Between the 12th and 11th centuries BC Greek colonists settled first in pole Sine and founded the city of Adria. Only then appeared in the 6th and 5th century BC Etruscans and Veneti in the region. Both Etruscans and Romans drained the Polesine through numerous channels, and made it so fruitful.

On October 17, 589 it came to Rotta della Cucca, a flood of the Adige catastrophic, largely buried the Polesine among themselves. Adria has been robbed of its meaning, Rovigo instead capital of the region. The flooding of 950 changed the course of the river Tartaro. With the flooding of the Po in 1152 to its river bed shifted to the north. 1438 took over the Adige River to their new, today, no longer flowing through Rovigo riverbed.

The flood in 1882 caused a considerable wave of emigration, leaving more than 60,000 residents left the Pole Sine towards South America. The last major flood in 1951 led to the destruction of about two -thirds of the territory, which is why 150,000 people were evacuated.