Popular Alliance (San Marino)

The National Alliance Popolare dei Democratici Sammarinesi per la Repubblica ( " People's Alliance of Democrats for the Republic of San Marino " ) APDS, abbreviated, is a political party in San Marino. It sees itself as a liberal party.

In the parliamentary elections of 2001, it was with 8.23% of votes fourth strongest force and so won 5 of the 60 seats. She has since been in opposition to the Christian Democrat - Socialist coalition government. From October 2003 to March 2004, however, she presented with Valeria Ciavatta one of the two heads of state ( Capitano Reggente ). In the 2006 elections, it reached 12.1 % of the vote and agreed with the PSD ( Party of Socialists and Democrats, 31.8 %) and United Left (8.7% ) to a socialist- liberal coalition government.