Praying of Daniel the Immured

Praying Daniels of prisoners (Russian Моление Даниила Заточника / transliteration: Molenie Daniila Zatočnika ) is a medieval Russian epic of the 13th century.

The text was written in the form of a letter to Jaroslaw Vsyevolodovitch II, Prince of Suzdal. The author seems to be in great distress and asks the prince for help, where he represents this as an advocate for all compatriots. Therefore, some Russian researchers see the text as a first attempt at a old Russian social and political journalism. " Praying Daniels of the prisoner " is a mixture of quotations from the Bible, Chronicles and satirical elements, directed against the boyars and the clergy.

Russian historians suggest that could be based " Praying Daniels of the prisoners " on the previous text " The word Daniels of prisoners " ( Слово Даниила Заточника ) from the 12th century. However, it was clarified until today neither the chronological order nor the context of both texts nor the author.

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