Present (band)

Present is a Belgian avant- rock group, which was founded in 1979 by Roger Trigaux.


Roger Trigaux and Daniel Denis were founding members of Univers Zéro and worked on their first two albums. After Heresie (1979 ) Univers Zéro Trigaux left to realize his compositions with the new band Present. In the early recordings of Present except Daniel Denis worked with also Univers Zéro - member Christian Genet. Present broke up in 1985, after Le poison qui during fou and eight years later regrouped. For the new cast was Rogers son Réginald Trigaux (guitar), the Univers Zéro - member Guy Segers ( bass) and drummer Dave Kerman from 5uu 's, U- Totem, engine dead crap Guild and Thinking Plague.

Since the mid- 1990s Present play occasionally at the Freakshow Würzburg. The CD LIVE! was recorded there in December 1995. In April 2007 Present played two nights at the Rock in Opposition Festival in Le Garric, France (Cap Découverte / Maison de la Musique ), where they gave one evening a concert for two pianos and percussion. As a second pianist Ward de Vleeschhouwer was invited, who played temporarily at Aranis; Present the remaining members played percussion. Réginald and another member spoke to the music. The two pieces of Souls for Sale and Vertiges published in 2009 on the CD / DVD Barbaro ( ma non troppo ) as video clips. In September 2009 Present played together with Univers Zéro a concert in France, which took place back under the rock -in - opposition Festival. It was the first time that both bands stood together as a large orchestra on stage. The pieces came from the Univers Zéro - album heresy and the Present album Triskaidekaphobia, which were composed jointly by Roger Trigaux and Daniel Denis. In September 2011 there was a merger of the Belgian group Present, Univers Zéro and Aranis to a 17- piece band called Once Upon a Time in Belgium during rock -in- opposition Festival.

Roger Trigaux is now drawn from a disease that affected his motor skills so that he is confined to a wheelchair. He only plays little guitar, but conducts and plays keyboards. He composes continue for Present and played in 2013 at the Rock In Opposition Festival in Würzburg and ( with one exception) only new pieces that some were composed by Réginald.


  • Triskaidekaphobia (1980 )
  • Le poison qui during fou (1985 )
  • C.O.D Performance (1993 )
  • Live! (1996)
  • Certitudes (1998)
  • No. 6 (1999)
  • High Infidelity (2001)
  • A Great Inhumane Adventure ( 2005)
  • Barbaro ( ma non troppo ) (2009 )