Princess O'Rourke

The pilot and the Princess is an American comedy film from the year 1943. It is the debut film as a director of the already known screenwriters Norman Krasna.


Princess Mary is a European princess who in Washington, DC bored with her uncle. Her uncle Holman is an ambassador of his country and wants to marry his niece with a respected Americans. However, it is the constant Verkupplungsversuche her uncle sorry and would like to leave Washington to San Francisco. Maria, however, suffers from great fear of flying and so it take a sleeping pill and falls during the flight into a deep sleep. As the weather worsens, decides pilot Eddie O'Rourke return to Washington. Since he does not know what to do with the sleeping Mary, he takes it for the night to himself. When Maria wakes up, she falls in love at first sight in the charming Eddie. The two become lovers, to the chagrin of Maria's uncle, who can not accept the social conditions of a pilot for his princess. As Holman learns, however, that the family O'Rourke is characterized primarily by an abundance of children, this is an argument that no objection more against the Liaison for him. Finally, there is a befitting wedding in the White House.


" Romantic comedy with the usual complications in the already 27 -year-old actress has once again assume the role of a teenager. Noteworthy is a brief appearance by President Roosevelt, which can be seen during the wedding ceremony in the White House. "


Norman Krasna was honored for his screenplay in 1944 with an Oscar.