Princess Tia

Tia (c. 1307 BC) was the daughter of the future king (Pharaoh) Seti I and his subsequently appointed Great Royal Wife Tuya. In her grave she is usually referred to as the king 's sister, mistress of the house, Singer of Amun, Hathor and Re.


Tia, the older sister of Ramses II, was born at a time when her father Seti I still held no important office under Horemheb. Her brother Nebchasetnebet died at a young age. As a young woman married to Tia 1293 BC, the royal scribe Tia, son of Amunwahsu.

This marriage was only able to take place, since it was not yet known at the marriage, that of Seti I. is charged later king. In addition, Seti I served under Horemheb as chief of the troops. Thus, Tia was one of the few princesses who clear before an official due to their non-royal birth. Otherwise, it was not common in the New Kingdom that King daughters married a civil servant.

After Seti I was appointed king, Tias husband rose to more than official in high office, for example, as head of the Treasury and Head of the cattle of Amun.

Her grave

Tia and her husband are buried next to the grave of Horemheb at Saqqara. The grave has a front courtyard, a decorated central courtyard with columns, as well as a chapel and on premises.

All parts of this grave chapel were decorated with reliefs. In the back was a small pyramid. The actual grave spaces could be achieved via a chute and were undecorated.