Tuya (queen)

Tuya, also mother Tuya, (* 1325 BC; ? † 1258 BC) was an ancient Egyptian Queen and Great Royal Wife ( Hemet - nisut - weret ) of Seti I in the 19th Dynasty. In addition, she held the title of God's Wife of Amun.

Origin and family

About tujas ancestors is not much known. Her father was very likely an officer and armed charioteer named Raja.

Tuya and Seti I had proven the following children: sons Nebchasetnebet, who died in infancy, and the later Pharaoh Ramses II, and the daughter Tia. Henutmire was long regarded as another daughter of the two. However, she was actually a raised to the great royal wife, daughter of Ramses II

Its meaning

Tuya was co-ruler with her ​​son Ramses II, who gave her the title of mother Tuya. So it was, as Ramses himself, raised in a godly status. This reminded her of the divine birth of her son, after which point the installed as spolia remains of a birth legend in Medinet Habu.

She died in 1258 BC, in the 22nd year of the reign of her son, and was buried in the Valley of the Queens in grave QV80.