Pyeonghwa Motors


  • Park Sang - kwon ( company president )
  • Rev. Moon Sun - myung ( Unification Church )
  • Lee Jung - chul ( Ryonbong Corp.).

Pyeonghwa Motor Plant is a joint venture between the South Korean Pyeonghwa Motors ( Seoul), a member of " Federation for World Peace ' owned by the Unification Church, and the state North Korean Ryonbong Group, which was officially founded in 1998 as an automotive company. Although the company initially existed only on paper, put it in the first year (1994 ) to a middle-class sedan called Pyeonghwa 410. The components came from German Mercedes -Benz production and were as CKD kits assembled by the Chinese First Automotive Works. Only few units came really from Pyeonghwa mounting. Then the plant near the city Namp'o was built with government support in April 2002, since vehicles are built into the license by Fiat. In addition, use of vehicles are manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Liaoning SG Automotive. Production is expected to be in excess of 10,000 cars a year. Due to the high price for local conditions (approx. U.S. $ 10,000 ), they are virtually unaffordable for the majority of the locals. An improvement in the economic situation in North Korea since 2008, however, provides for an increase in sales of the vehicles. In the magazine, The Korea Times in the March 2010 issue, has even called regarding this economic improvement to a better mutual understanding and an economic union equal partners. This was also alluded among other developments, which are far cheaper feasible in South Korea and also target the products of PMC.

Pyeonghwa motor controls since 2002 monopolistically car import and trade of used cars in North Korea. The distribution of vehicles is performed by the sales organization Pyeonghwa Motor Corporation.

In South Korea, however, the vehicles are sold by the Peace engine, which was specifically set up for export in the southern part of Korea by the North Korean government. As a nickname Peace engine is, however, already widespread in the northern part and thus points to the population's desire for a united, or at least shared Korea.

In Europe Pyeonghwa has been represented since 2007. The basic building block for continued a Czech automobile dealers, who imported a small number of selected models in his country and these markets. A further step was made in August 2007, when Pyeonghwa motor in Kysucke Nove Mesto negotiated a joint venture with the auto parts supplier ArvinMeritor and the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. The Pyeonghwa Motors owns 49 percent. ArvinMeritor acquires the remaining 51 percent of the investment. The factory in the Czech Nošovice introduced the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group at the full disposal. There Pyeonghwa now plays the auto parts production for some Hyundai models like the Santa Fe, Grandeur and the Sonata. An official factory line but it will not be, as this would violate contractual agreements. Soon there will also Pyeonghwa vehicles for the European market roll off the line. First presentations were planned for the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, but did not take place. The first European model Pyeonghwas is produced since the second half of 2009 Ppeokkugi 4WD -B.

Model Overview


  • North Korea ⇒ Pyeonghwa Motor Corporation
  • South Korea ⇒ Peace engine
  • Czech Republic ⇒ via independent dealers, conversion necessary
  • ⇒ Vietnam Mekong Auto Corporation
  • People's Republic of China on ⇒ free traders

Sales in North Korea

  • 2007: 300 units
  • 2008: 650 units
  • 2009: 1300 units


  • Pyeong Hwa Automotive Co. Ltd.. in Daecheon -dong, Dalseo -gu with 475 workers
  • Valeo Pyeong Hwa in Jang- dong, Dalseo -gu with 592 workers
  • Pyeonghwa Industrial Co. Ltd.. in Bolli -ri Nongong - eup, Dalseong -gun with 867 workers
  • Pyeonghwa Oilseal Co. in Bolli -ri Nongong - eup, Dalseong -gun with 860 workers
  • Pyeong Hwa Automotive Co. Seongseo Plant in Daecheon -dong, Dalseo -gu with 37 workers
  • Pyeong Hwa Automotive Co. Plant 3 in Jungni -dong, Seo -gu with 320 workers
  • Pyunghwa Kigong Co. in Bolli -ri Nongong - eup, Dalseong -gun with 255 workers
  • Nošovice in the Czech Republic ( vehicle parts production), part of Hyundai