Q (disambiguation)

Q stands for:

  • Q, a letter of the Latin alphabet
  • Bombardier Q Series, a regional aircraft
  • Sayings source Q, a suspected, the Gospels of Matthew and Luke underlying written tradition
  • Maggie Q, an American actress and fashion model
  • Q ( complexity class ), a term used in computer science
  • Q ( Mac) a Mac OS X Cocoa QEMU port ( virtual machine)
  • Q ( programming language, 1991)
  • Q ( programming language, 2003)
  • Q ( radio show ), a Canadian radio program
  • Q (novel ), a historical novel
  • Q ( magazine ), a British magazine
  • Q- cycle (of English. Quinones ), in biochemistry a series of redox reactions
  • A character from the series The Lost Islands
  • Code name of a character in James Bond films, see characters from James Bond films # Q
  • Stage name of Qualid Ladraa, a juror at Germany's Next Top Model # Fifth Season
  • A species in the Star Trek universe, see figures in the Star Trek universe # Q
  • A Channel service on QuakeNet
  • Reserved philippininsches license plate for special purposes
  • Tobin's Q, a key figure in economics

Q is an abbreviation for:

  • Guatemala Quetzal, Guatemala's currency
  • Queensland, an Australian state
  • Quintal, the Austrian quintals or quintals, see Zentner

Q is the symbol or character for:


  • The set of rational numbers, see Rational number


  • Reactive power
  • Electric charge
  • Generalized coordinate
  • Quality factor
  • ( in different levels ) the load lever
  • (Written ) charge operator
  • Amount of light
  • Volume flow
  • Quantity of heat


  • Flow
  • Removal rate


  • Chalons-en -Champagne, until 1998 Châlons -sur- Marne, on French coins to 1572
  • Narbonne, on French coins from 1586 to 1710
  • Perpignan, on French coins from 1710 to 1837


  • The set of states in automata theory
  • One unit in the barometric altitude measurement in aviation
  • Glutamine, an amino acid
  • Qatar, as an international license plate
  • Quality factor in seismology
  • Quarter = medium chamber (eg for trotters, Paint Horse, Appaloosa, Arabermix, young quarterback ), see # riding saddle western saddle
  • In the directory, a reversed Q meant facing a number that on this phone line, an automatic answering machine is switched (deprecated)
  • Ubiquinone -10, a coenzyme

Q stands for:

  • The little finger of Zupfhand the fingering for guitar
  • In Austria from 1950 to 1977 for the unit hundredweight

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