Q-Games is a computer game developer, founded in Nakagyo -ku, Kyoto, Japan on 9 August 2001. He has a close relationship with Nintendo and Sony.

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Q-Games was founded by Dylan Cuthbert, who previously worked at Argonaut Software and helped in the creation of Starglider and Starglider 2, then X and developed the first Star Fox for Nintendo. He also program Star Fox 2 until he moved to Sony America to develop Blasto. After development, he returned to Japan to Sony Japan, where he developed a program that would show the capabilities of the PlayStation 2. Then he programmed Pipo Saru 2001 and still left Sony to start Q-Games.


The first years were spent with the development of small programs for customers such as Sony or Microsoft. At E3 2004, two graphical programs was presented for the PlayStation Portable. Then began the development of two games, one for the Game Boy Advance and one for the Nintendo DS that were published later.


PixelJunk is a series of downloadable games for the PlayStation 3 These are available on the Playstation Network Store. The games are programmed in 1080p Full HD. The first game was released at E3 2008. Also, it should appear on the Xbox 360.

The concept behind the Pixel Junk series was that innovative ideas for games to be found and something fun and sensible is programmed. This work is run by a small team over several months.


The first PixelJunk game is PixelJunk Racers, which was released in August 2007. This is a puzzle - action game that can be played by up to seven people. Players seek out one of the ten race tracks and over a dozen cars.

The second PixelJunk game is PixelJunk Monsters, a so-called tower defense game. It was released in January 2008.

The third PixelJunk game PixelJunk Eden is a game where you have to reach platforms with plants and jumps. It was released in August 2009.

The fourth PixelJunk game is PixelJunk Shooter, which was released in December 2009. The player uses liquids, and gases, magma, water, ice and dark matter, such as oil, to get through a level, and to rescue survivors. The second part, PixelJunk Shooter 2, was released in March 2011 and continues the story. The game has been increased in difficulty and includes an online two-player mode. The third part, PixelJunk Sidescroller was released in October 2011. Here, particular attention was paid to the retro design in the style of a Sidescrollers. Action and control are similar to the previous two games.

The fifth PixelJunk game is PixelJunk 4am, published in May 2012. It is a video game, so music can be created and visualized.

The sixth PixelJunk game is PixelJunk Inc., which will be released in 2013.


Q-Games has also worked with Nintendo and released three games for the Nintendo DSi under the category DSiWare.

Trajectile (also known as Reflect Missile ) was published in November 2009. It is a puzzle game. The goal is to ship to shoot into waiting enemies while you avoid or destroy obstacles.

Starship Defense ( also known as Starship Patrol ) was published in December 2009. It is a tower defense game.

X-Scape (also known as 3D Space Tank ) was published in July 2010. It is like the Game Boy game X, which was also developed by Q-Games. The game continues the story.

Other Projects

Q-Games developed not only games but also several designs for the XrossMediaBar (XMB ) on the PlayStation 3

PlayStation Home

On 24 September 2009 Q-Games released under the name of his so-called PixelJunk space in PlayStation Home in Japan, North America and Europe followed shortly thereafter. The PixelJunk exhibition or the PixelJunk Museum (Japan only) contains exhibits about the four -developed games from PixelJunk Racers, Monsters, Eden. Later still came Shooter added. In December 2009, a second room was set up for PixelJunk Shooter, PixelJunk Shooter of the so-called mother ship hangar.