Qingtian County

Qingtian (青田 县) is a county of the prefecture-level city of Lishui in the southern Chinese province of Zhejiang. The district has about 487 100 inhabitants ( end of 2008) and an area of ​​2493 km ².

Geographical location

The circle is located at the river on either side of Ou Jiang, surrounded by mountains. The village is located about 100 km west of the city of Wenzhou. Coordinates: 28,123 ° N, 120 283 ° E

Administrative Divisions

Qingtian is made up of ten large communities and 21 municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Hecheng (鹤 城镇), Chinese: " Crane City ", is the seat of county government;
  • Greater community Wenxi (温 溪镇);
  • Greater community Dongyuan (东 源 镇);
  • Greater community Chuanliao (船 寮 镇);
  • Greater community Beishan (北 山镇);
  • Greater community Shankou (山口镇);
  • Greater community Haikou (海口 镇);
  • Greater community Gaohu (高 湖镇);
  • Greater community Lakou (腊 口镇);
  • Greater community Renzhuang (仁 庄镇);
  • Community Zhangcun (章 村乡);
  • Community Shuqiao (舒桥乡);
  • Community Gui'ao (贵 岙 乡);
  • Community Shixi (石 溪乡);
  • Community Zhenbu (祯 埠乡);
  • Community Zhenwang (祯 旺 乡);
  • Community Wanshan (万 山乡);
  • Municipality Huang Yang (黄 垟 乡);
  • Community Jizhai (季 宅 乡);
  • Community Haixi (海 溪乡);
  • Community Gaoshi (高市 乡);
  • Community Jupu (巨 浦 乡);
  • Community Wanfu (万 阜 乡);
  • Community Tangyang (汤 垟 乡);
  • Community Fangshan (方 山乡);
  • Community Wukeng (吴 坑乡);
  • Community Rengong (仁 宫 乡);
  • Community Zhangdan (章 旦 乡);
  • Community Fushan (阜 山乡);
  • Community Linggen (岭 根 乡);
  • Community Xiaozhoushan (小舟 山乡).

The main town Hecheng has developed only in the last 25 years from a small village church in a small town.

Local features

Firstly, the Steinschnitzkunst the circle enjoys a centuries-old reputation, who was known even to the Chinese emperors as a part of the dragon throne is decorated in the Forbidden City with such stone carvings.

Qingtian is one of the places in the coastal provinces with a particularly strong emigration. It is estimated that 30 % -80 % of the population has emigrated overseas. As for this Auswanderorte typical, the emigrants focus by ' recommendations ' abroad in certain places. In the case of Qingtian these are Barcelona and Madrid. Living in Spain alone, approximately 45,000 people from Qingtian.

28.123120.283Koordinaten: 28 ° 7 ' N, 120 ° 17 ' E

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