• In linguistics, a digraph; see digraph (linguistics)
  • Qu ( Dazhou ), Circle Qu (渠县) of the prefecture-level city in the Chinese province of Sichuan Dazhou

Qu is the name of famous people:

  • Qu Qiubai (1899-1935), leader in the early days of the Communist Party of China
  • Qu You (1341-1427), Chinese writer of the Ming Dynasty
  • Qu Yuan ( 340-278 BC), Chinese poet
  • Qu Yunxia (born 1972 ), former Chinese middle and long distance runner

Qu is the name of several rivers:

  • Qu (Bach), rivers, creeks flowing through Iller

Qu is the abbreviation for:

  • Quechua, group of South American languages ​​according to ISO 639
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