Quattro (four-wheel-drive system)

Quattro is since 1980 a brand of automobile manufacturer Audi, featuring its all-wheel drive.


Audi offered the permanent all-wheel drive for the first time in the 1980 model Audi quattro in production road cars to.

The all-wheel drive is to improve active safety, traction and directional stability in comparison to the other front -drive Audi vehicles. The off-road capability is limited as opposed to road vehicle through the normal ground clearance for most Audi models. An exception is, for example, the Audi A4 allroad quattro, Audi A4 with an increased ground clearance, or the Q7 SUV.

In 1986, Audi released a promotional film in which an Audi 100 quattro drives up under its own power a snowy Finnish ski jump with a slope of 80 percent. The film was honored at the Advertising Film Festival in Cannes, the Golden Lion. As a safety rope could be seen, were also questions on the all-wheel skills. For the 25th anniversary of quattro drive in 2005, these promotional images were successfully repeated on the same jump with an Audi A6 and media monitoring.

Meanwhile, one in four Audi is equipped with quattro drive. All vehicles of the sporty Audi "S" - and "RS" - series are equipped as standard with quattro drive.


On quattro versions the engine's power is distributed to all four wheels. Technically, several principles are used:

  • In the mid-engine vehicle R8 is a clutch-controlled (automatic zuschaltenden ) all-wheel drive with viscous coupling.
  • During Q3, A3 and TT is a clutch-controlled (automatic zuschaltenden ) all-wheel drive with Haldex clutch. These vehicles are derived from the VW Golf platform, and the all-wheel drive is the engine mounting (front / transverse) adjusted.
  • For the other models with the classic Audi mounting position of the engine (front / longitudinal) is a differential controlled (permanent) all-wheel drive, which established the reputation of Audi in its original form. As longitudinal differential different solutions are used: Bevel gear manually with claw coupling, 100% Lockout ( models up to 1986)
  • Planetary gear differential with electronically controlled multi-plate lock (Audi V8 with automatic transmission)
  • Torsendifferentiale of types A, B and C (other models with längseingebautem front engine )


Audi markets the Quattro drive more than other properties of its vehicles. Last ran in January 2013 under the motto of Germany. Country of quattro. a campaign on television, in which the drive concept with the beauty and diversity of the country was specifically connected. Due to the presentation learned the commercial that aired in a similar version in Russia and other countries, a wide reception in the media. It was developed thjnk by the Agency.