Qvareli Municipality

Qwarlis Munizipaliteti (Georgian ყვარლის მუნიციპალიტეტი ) is a Munizipaliteti (Landkreis) in Georgia, in the Kakheti region. The administrative center of the Qwarlis Munizipaliteti is Qvareli. The area is 1000.8 km ². The Munizipaliteti has 40 663 inhabitants.

Qwarlis Munizipaliteti was of three Georgian Munizipaliteti (of Telavi in the West, of Gurjaani in the south, from the east Lagodechi ) bounded on the north by the Russian Federation to the Republic of Dagestan.

In the Qwarlis Munizipaliteti are several major attractions. This is particularly known in Georgia, the village Gremi whose environs was settled in the late Bronze Age. In the Middle Ages Gremi became an important economic and cultural center of Kakheti and in 1466 the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti. Another attraction in Gremi is the Gremier Cathedral, which was built in 1565 by King Levan. In the Munizipaliteti is also home to the ancient city Nekressi, which was founded by the Georgian king Parnadschomi in the 2nd century BC.