Qwant is a search engine, which was developed by the same French company and advertises with strict privacy policy.

Search Engine

Currently, 507 million requests from 8.8 million users are provided daily. 65 percent of the traffic attributable to France. In a test of the FAZ Qwant average compared to Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo about equally well in terms of the quality of search results.

In February 2014, the German -language version was presented in Berlin. In addition, a cooperation with the developers of Firefox OS was closed so that Qwant is installed by default on future smartphones or tablets with the Mozilla operating system. Also a partnership with TripAdvisor has closed.

Privacy Policy

With respect to the NSA scandal touting the engine with stronger data protection rules, as is the case with competitors. So Qwant would not collect any personal data. Qwant only sets a cookie for the current session, a permanent browser file is not created. After leaving the side of the cookie is deleted immediately. The information about the user behavior are not stored permanently. Unlike other search engines, such as Google or Yahoo Qwant therefore does not provide personalized search results. For all users of the search results are the same.

If personal search results are desired by the user, an account can be applies. The collected personal information will be processed on servers located in data centers in the European Union.

Also, IP addresses are not recorded on stock.


Qwant S.A.S. was founded in 2011 by the Frenchman Jean -Manuel Rozan and Éric Leandri and brought the engine after a two- year development phase in January 2013 on the market. According to the developers so far around 3.5 million euros were collected on investment capital. The turnover is currently around 5 million euros a year, the number of employees is 25

Unlike other search engines Qwant receives no revenue through advertisements, but through participation in e-commerce sales as well as business-to -business (B2B).