R. Winston Morris

Ralph Winston Morris ( born 1941 ) is an American tuba player, composer and university teacher.

Life and work

Morris studied with William Bell, the tuba player in the orchestra by John Philip Sousa. In 1962, he completed his undergraduate studies at East Carolina University. As a professor of tuba and euphonium Morris teaches at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville; there he founded in 1967 with the beginning of his teaching the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble, under Morris ' line on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, in Disney World, at the conference of the National Association for Music Education in Kansas City, the International TUBA Conference occurred in Austin (Texas), the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston (South Carolina) and in New York's Carnegie Hall.

Morris also played in the early 1980s in the Matteson -Phillips Tubajazz Consort with Rich Matteson, Ashley Alexander, John Allred, Buddy Baker ( euphonium), Harvey Phillips and Daniel Pera Toni ( LP: Super Horn, 1982). He is currently a member of the Brass Arts Quintet.

Morris took the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble on 22 albums, some of which were nominated for a Grammy. Throughout his academic career, Morris encouraged his students to arrange repertoire for the ensemble and compose; total originated in the work with the Ensemble 600 compositions for tuba, euphonium aund Tuba Ensemble. Winston Morris put together also the world's first Euphonium Choir and organized a recording session for this choir. He also founded the Tuba - Euphonium Ensemble Symphonia, whose reunion concert took place in 2007 as Tubas of Mass Destruction at the Tennessee Tech University with over 100 of his current and former students.

Morris wrote, among other books Tuba Music Guide, The Tuba Source Book and Euphonium Source Book, which represent an overview of the repertoire for the two instruments. He is also a co-founder of tubists Universal Brotherhood Association ( TUBA ). For his life's work, he was awarded in 2003 by the Tennessee Tech University with the Caplenor Research Award.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • The Tennessee Technological University Tuba Ensemble ( 1979)
  • Live! The Tennessee Technological University Tuba Ensemble ( 1980)
  • Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble and "All That Jazz " (1985)
  • Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble presents Heavy Metal (1986 )
  • Phat Bottom Tubas (2006)
  • Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble and All That Jazz ( compilation, 2006)
  • Carnegie VI
  • Christmas Tubas
  • Unleash the Beast! (Mark Records)

Further reading

  • Richard H. Perry, Charles A. McAdams The Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble and R. Winston Morris: A 40th Anniversary Retrospective (2010)