R.550 Magic

The R.550 Magic is a 1968 developed by Matra on behalf of the French Air Force short-range air - to-air missile. The missile is the French competitor to the U.S. AIM-9 Sidewinder.

The first tests took place on 11 January 1972, a Gloster Meteor fired it successfully on a north- CT20 target drone. The serial production began in 1976. The missile is equipped with a solid-fuel rocket engine and an infrared homing system. Disadvantage of the target system the Magic I is that enemy aircraft are detected only from behind. With the Magic II, an improved version entered service in 1986. When Magic II of the IR seeker head has been replaced by an improved version, now enemy targets could be attacked head-on. Both missiles have eight fixed and four movable wings. A distinction is made both versions only the seeker; at the Magic I it is transparent, opaque at the Magic II.

A total of about 11,300 rockets (about 7000 Magic I and about 4000 Magic II ) were produced and exported. The Argentine Navy it is since 1982 ( after the end of the Falklands War ). Iraq is also a well-known buyers.

The Magic II is replaced gradually in the French armed forces by the developed by MBDA MICA.

States use

  • Argentina Argentina 84 Magic
  • Australia Australia 550 Magic
  • Egypt Egypt 300 Magic
  • Belgium Magic II
  • Brazil Brazil
  • People's Republic of China People's Republic of China
  • Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ecuador Ecuador 200 Magic
  • France Magic I and II
  • Gabon Gabon
  • Greece Greece 240 Magic and 360 Magic II
  • India India 1000 Magic 500 and Magic II
  • Iraq Iraq 534 Magic
  • Jordan Jordan 225 Magic
  • Cameroon Cameroon
  • Kuwait Kuwait Magic 158
  • Lebanon Lebanon
  • Libya Libya 812 Magic
  • Morocco Morocco 250 Magic
  • Nigeria Nigeria
  • Oman Oman
  • Pakistan Pakistan 192 Magic
  • Peru Peru 264 72 Magic and Magic II
  • Portugal
  • Qatar Qatar 186 Magic II
  • Romania Romania 100 Magic II
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 450 Magic
  • Spain
  • South Africa South Africa 100 Magic
  • Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei 480 Magic II
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 192 Magic 500 Magic II
  • Venezuela Venezuela 50 Magic and 75 Magic II