R1 expressway (Czech Republic)

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  • Hlavní město Praha
  • Středočeský kraj

The Czech Rychlostní silnice 1 ( R1 expressway ), also Pražský okruh ( Prague ring ), is conceived as an outer ring expressway of Prague. Cobweb -like branch off from him the motorways D1, D3, D5, D8 and D11 as well as the highways R4, R6, R7 and R10 from.

In 2010, three contiguous sections were under construction. The sections D1 - Jesenice - Vestec Vestec - Lahovice and Lahovice - Slivenec. The section D1 after Vestec was under construction since September 2008 and was completed in late summer 2010. It covers 8.75 km and will cost CZK 3.326 billion (approx. EUR 130 million ). The section Vestec - Lahovice comprises 8.34 km and was started in December 2006. It includes a 1.9 km long tunnel. This 4.52 billion CZK (approx. 180 million euro ) expensive section was also completed in late summer 2010. At the junction of R4 of this section applies to the portion after Slivenec. This is 6.03 km long and includes a 1.62 km long tunnel. Construction of this CZK 7.51 billion (300 million euros ) expensive period was June 2006. These three phases of construction were opened on September 20, 2010 ..

With the completion of these three phases of construction, the R 1 comprises a length of 40 km. Of the nine highways and expressways around Prague are now six connected to the motorway ring. D 8, D 11, and R 10 are not yet connected to the outer ring.