Rain Birds were a German Pop-/Rockband to the singer Katharina Franck.

Band History

Founded in 1986 and named after an instrumental tracks from Tom Waits won the Rainbirds the Berlin Senate skirt competition and were subsequently taken from the record company Mercury under contract. The first produced in Berlin audio recording studio by Udo Arndt album Rain Birds was a resounding success and the single blueprint became the beginning of 1988 to a European hit. The first members of the band were Katharina Franck ( guitar, vocals ), Michael Beckmann ( bass) and Wolfgang Glum (drums). During a tour of the guitarist Rodrigo González, later member of the bands The doctors came, Down ( band) and ¡ Más Shake!, As a permanent member added.

In the spring of 1989, the second album Call Me Easy, Say I'm Strong, Love Me My Way It Is not Wrong, to which the photographer and video director Anton Corbijn directed a music clip appeared. Corbijn - renowned for his photos of Depeche Mode and U2 - was the house photographer of the band in the following years.

After this album, it was due to musical differences - Beckmann, Glum and González wanted to put a rockier sound - for separation, and Katharina Franck formed the band to a duo. Partner was the pianist Ulrike Haage. In this cast two albums were released: Two Faces (1991) and In a Different Light ( 1993), but could not build on the success of the first two albums.

In 1994, as the third member of the band added drummer Tim Lorenz. With this lineup the albums Making Memory (1996) and Forever ( 1997) were published, followed by the live album 3000.live (1999), the last publication of the Rain Birds.

After Katharina Franck had her spoken-word solo album released in 1997 famine, the CD Zeitlupenkino followed in 2002 ( Mute Records ) with " spoken pop songs ". Ulrike Haage also presented, meanwhile - after numerous radio plays publications and various commissioned works for the theater - a solo album titled Sélavy ( 2004). Tim Lorenz operates a recording studio in Berlin.

In October 2013, the Rain Birds was released by the label Vertigo / Universal Germany - 25th Anniversary Deluxe CD / DVD edition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the debut LP. In addition to the remastered versions of the songs is also a live recording of the Rain Birds appearance on 16 June 1988 in Berlin-Weissensee (then located in East Berlin in the German Democratic Republic ).