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Rajasthani ( Devanagari: राजस्थानी, Perso - Arabic script: راجستھانی ) is a language or dialect group in North India, mainly in Rajasthan, and in parts of Pakistan with an estimated 50 million speakers.

The Rajasthani belongs to the Indo-Aryan languages. It is one of the many regional variants of Hindustani and in turn decays into several dialect groups:

  • Bagri (s )
  • Malvi (s )
  • Marvari
  • Mewari (s )
  • Mewati (s )
  • Shekhavati (s).

The Rajasthani presents little uniform and occurs in public life behind the written language variant of Hindi, the official language of Rajasthan, where Rajasthani has recently been recognized as a national language. The Rajasthani has a rich heroic poetry, beginning about 1000 AD

The literary language has split in medieval times from Gujarati. In the past, the dialects of Rajasthani were considered as a subgroup of the Western Hindi ( Kellogg, 1873). George Abraham Grierson she reached for the first time together in 1908 under the name Rajsthani. Currently Rajasthani is considered by the Sahitya Akademi, the National Literature Association, and the University Grants Commission as a separate language; it is in the schools of Rajasthan since 1973 elective. Current dictionaries and grammars are currently being developed.

Rajasthani has a very similar to the Hindi grammar. The primary sentence structure: subject, object, verb on lexical level, it looks like 50 to 65 percent of the Hindi, based on a comparison of the Swadesh 210 -word list. Phonetic correspondences in particular the / s / in Hindi with the / h / in Rajasthani. For example, / sona / ' Gold' (Hindi ) and / hono / ' Gold' ( Marwari ). / h / is sometimes slurred, and in addition there are a number of vowel substitutions. Most pronouns and Interrogativwörter different from Hindi. The Hindi alphabet differs in ' L' ( ल ) and ' LL' ( ळ ). For example, ' L' ( ल ) is pronounced as in ' Kal ' ( कल ) and the accent in ' LL' ( ळ ) is pronounced like the English word hall ( plow - हळ ).