Randall Munroe

Randall Patrick Munroe ( born October 17, 1984 in Easton, Pennsylvania ) is an American comic book author and former NASA roboticist. He is mainly known as xkcd operator of the website.


Munroe worked for his thesis project at Christopher Newport University in Newport News at the Langley Research Center in robots. After graduating as a physicist, he continued the work. Since June 2007, he lives in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, he denies his entire livelihood on the operation of the webcomic xkcd.

In September 2011, Munroe married his girlfriend, who was previously diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

2013 Asteroid ( 4942 ) Munroe was named after him.


Xkcd began with the first publications in 2005, at the time, however, irregular. From January 2006 comics were posted regularly. There are now with " Xkcd what-if " an offshoot of the comic series, which is also operated by Munroe.