REC (Manga)

REC also: ● REC, is a manga series of the Japanese signatory Q- taro Hanamizawa, which appeared from 2002 to 2013 in Japan. It was adapted into an anime and video game.


The 26 -year-old Fumihiko Matsumaru (松 丸 文彦) is displaced from his appointment, but instead meets the young Aka Onda (恩 田 赤) ​​, with whom he instead looks at the film. As Fumihiko accompanied 20-year- old voice actress ( seiyū ) home, they realize that they do not live far from each other. As then burns Akas house, she pulls unceremoniously in a Fumihiko.

But soon their relationship is a problem, because Fumihiko works in marketing and its concept is to be implemented with Akas voice. But both fear disadvantages when their relationship to each other is known, and try to hide it because of that.


The publisher Shogakukan published the manga in his magazine Monthly Sunday Gene -X of issue 12/2002 (19 November 2002) to 4/2013 (19 March 2013). The chapter also appeared together in so far (March 2013) 14 tankōbon. In Tong Li came out a Chinese translation.


TV Series

2006 produced the Studio Shaft from a screenplay by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, an anime adaptation of the manga for television. The character design designed Hideyuki Morioka and took over the artistic direction of Hiroshi Katō.

From 2 February to 30 March 2006, nine episodes of the series from TBS television in Japan were shown. A bonus episode was later released on DVD. Animax Asia showed an English version, also exist a Korean and a Chinese translation.



The music of the series was composed by Kei Haneoka. You used the song Cheer For the bias! - Makka na Kimochi ( Cheer! ~まっか な キモチ~ ) by Kanako Sakai and the guy was underlaid with Devotion by BRACE; d

Video game

2006 Idea Factory produced a video game for the PlayStation 2 REC In the Ren'ai adventure game, the player selects the role of Fumihiko Matsumaru the spokesperson for a new television broadcast coming from. Under the title REC: Doki Doki seiyū Paradise (REC ☆ ドキドキ 声優 パラダイス ☆ ~ Paradaisu ) the game was released on 30 November 2006 in a normal and a limited version.