Record (Software)

Record is a music software the Swedish developer Propellerhead, which is available in trade since 2009.

Concept and construction

With record it is possible to create audio, arrange and mix down. Record is based in the construction and concept of Reason, which comes from the same developers. The construction is modular. The program window is divided into three areas: Mixer, rack and sequencer. The rack can be filled with various modules such as amplifiers, filters and synthetic recording devices that are freely configurable and combinable. Recorded audio and MIDI tracks can be edited in the built-in sequencer. To this end, the program offers numerous features such as volume control, cutting or editing effects.

Integrated instruments and effects

Record offers a limited number of different software instruments and effects modules.

These include:

  • Combinator: With this device, several instruments and effects can be combined into a module
  • ID 8: Virtual instrument drums, pianos, bass and string sounds includes
  • MClass Equalizer: A 4-band equalizer
  • MClass Stereo Imager: A 2 -band stereo processor unit can be split and processed with the ups and downs of a sound can
  • MClass Compressor: A compressor
  • MClass Maximizer: A limiter which powers down the output level of an instrument to a specific value
  • Line 6 Guitar Amp: Virtual version of Line 6 guitar amp that can emulate three amplifier
  • Line 6 Bass Amp: Virtual version of Line 6 bass amp that can emulate two different amplifiers
  • RV7000 Advanced Reverb: A reverberation effects unit
  • Scream 4 Distortion: A digital Distortion effects unit
  • DDL -1 Digital Delay Line: A small effects unit for generating delay
  • CF -101 Chorus / Flanger: Includes chorus and Flangereffekte

Connection with Reason

An important aspect of the software is the ability to connect with Reason (version 4). This Propellerhead responds to the criticism of the lack of audio recording software in their workstation. If both programs combined, both internal record as used Reason - internal plug-ins and thus audio and MIDI recordings can be mixed. It is also possible to open already created in Reason songs with Record.


Through the self-contained system record provides very high stability. Another advantage is the all-in -one concept that has been applied already in Reason. Virtual Instruments and Effects are already present in the software and do not need to be purchased. There can be as many modules can be integrated into the virtual rack as the computer used to can handle. Especially for beginners and small artists, it is a good start to familiarize themselves with music software in general. Due to the almost identical structure of control over surface, the transition from Reason to Record falls out very easily. Also, the fully integrated, digital mixing console is considered as positive.


Because of the closed system there is no possibility to expand the program with external plug-ins. Another major drawback is the lack of integration of VST instruments. The pieces of music you create can be exported in WAV and AIFF.