Regional airliner

As a short -haul aircraft airliner is now called, is to use the most economical routes for non-stop until about 2000 km. The demarcation of modern short-haul aircraft to medium-haul aircraft is fluid as a result of the many different variants in terms of a type of size, range, drive type or number of passengers. In addition, the loading plays a significant role. Models such as Bombardier CRJ family, Embraer E-Jets and Sukhois Superjet also be used as medium-haul aircraft.

Often short -haul aircraft turboprop aircraft have short take-off capability ( STOL ) to also operate from short runways and can provide only limited on-board entertainment. If they (MTOW ) are provided for less than 20 passengers and 8618 kg maximum take-off weight, they are also called commuter aircraft or Commuterflugzeug.

Classification of typical short-haul aircraft on the application, dimensions and production

Do 228

Do 328