Saab 2000

The Saab 2000 is an evolution of the successful regional aircraft Saab 340 has a 340 stretched compared to the 30 -seat Saab fuselage, so that now 50 passengers can be transported. The Saab 2000 is equipped with a cruising speed of about 665 km / h (360 kt) one of the fastest turboprop aircraft that has ever been developed civil. Conceptually similar to the much smaller Dornier 328, it flies with almost jetähnlicher performance, but is more economical in comparison.


The project was started by Saab in 1988. It was with investments of CASA ( Spain), West Country (England) and Valmet (Finland ) European created. The first aircraft flew in 1992.

Within the development there were several technical innovations: So powerful Allison turboprop engines with large slowly rotating sechsblätterigen propellers were installed. These engines make per side about 3096 kW, in the cab provides an electronically controlled anti-sound system with many speakers for a low interior noise (Active Noise Control System) and in the cockpit a modern EFIS cockpit from Rockwell Collins with six monitors was installed.

The former Swiss regional airline Crossair put the Saab 2000 regional operating successfully. But more than any other airline was interested in the plane. This was not least because regional jets from other manufacturers such as the Embraer ERJ -145 or the Bombardier CRJ200 brought better for the same purchase price flight performance. Finally, Saab moved to 63 built Saab 2000 - of which 34 alone went to Crossair - from commercial aircraft back. Of the built Saab 2000 today still flying 54 pieces.

When Crossair ( trading as Swiss since 2002, acquired in 2005 by the German airline Lufthansa), this guy was also called " Concordino " in the nomenclature of the BAe 146 " Jumbolino " because its cruising speed is almost on jet level.


Civilian operators

As of June 2013 five airlines operate together 34 copies of the Saab 2000 in regular service:

Military operators

Pakistan Pakistan ( Pakistan Air Force )

  • 4 × Saab 2000 Erieye AEW & C
  • 1 x Saab 2000 as a trainer without radar equipment

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia ( Royal Saudi Air Force)

  • 2 x Saab 2000 Erieye AEW & C
  • 1 x Saab 2000 as a trainer without radar equipment

Self-defense systems

The AEW & C variant has around several Saab Avitronics -MAW -300 missile approach sensors and Saab Avitronics -LWS -310 laser warning sensors. At the rear, depending on a BOL chaff launchers and three BOP chaff launchers are installed on each hull bottom at the stern. This total of 554 Täuschkörperpatronen be ejected in case of threat from electronic self-defense system semi - automatically or fully automatically every second.



  • On 10 July 2002, it was a coming from Basel airport Saab 2000 SWISS after several so severely damaged due to heavy thunderstorm activity, aborted the approach attempts to north German airports at a precautionary landing on the airfield Werneuchen northeast of Berlin when rolling over a Erdwalles that the aircraft as a total loss had to be written off. In the unfortunate landing one person was slightly injured.
  • On February 28, 2009, an aircraft will depart Carpatair in Timişoara had to land with the nose gear retracted because it jammed and could not be properly extended by the pilots why. The aircraft was from the Moldovan capital Chisinau to Timisoara go. Before landing, the machine circled around one hour to consume fuel. The 47 passengers and four crew members were unharmed.
  • February 13, 2012 also crashed a machine Carpatair in Craiova caused by snowfall bad weather and visibility conditions at the start. During the evacuation of the machine many were injured.