Renata of Lorraine

Renata of Lorraine ( born April 20, 1544 Nancy, † May 22, 1602 in Munich ) was a daughter of Duke Francis I of Lorraine and his wife Christina of Denmark.


On February 22, 1568, she married the Crown Prince Wilhelm of Bavaria. The wedding was celebrated with a century for this unusually large expense. The festival lasted 18 days, it took about 5,000 riders part in it, and your music was composed especially for the occasion by Orlando di Lasso.

Otherwise, however, led Renata - along with her husband had become Duke than this - a life of charity, humility and charity. They left the Munich Residenz and lived in Kollegienbau of the Jesuits in the west of Munich. Renata took care of the sick, the poor and pilgrims. In this task, she went completely after the abdication of her husband. Her last years spent Renata in 1555, founded by her father- in Munich Hackenviertel Duke Hospital.

Renata's grave is located in the Church of St. Michael (Munich ), whose consecration was the last high point of their lives. Renata was revered as a saint by the people, but never canonized.


Six of her ten children reached adulthood:

  • Maximilian I (1573-1651)
  • Maria Anna (1574-1616); ∞ 1600 Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria, later emperor
  • Philipp Wilhelm (1576-1598), cardinal deacon and Prince-Bishop of Regensburg
  • Ferdinand (1577-1650), Elector of Cologne, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Münster, Hildesheim and Paderborn
  • Albrecht VI. the lights Berger (1584-1666); ∞ 1612 Princess Matilda of Leuchtenberg ( 1588-1634 )
  • Magdalene (1587-1628); ∞ 1613 the hereditary prince, Wolfgang Wilhelm of Pfalz- Neuburg and Jülich -Cleves -Berg.