Reno (river)

Location of Reno

The Reno in Casalecchio

The Reno is a river in the Emilia -Romagna and Tuscany, Italy.


With a 124 km long network of levees, the water area of ​​Reno has been modified from the right tributary of the Po for independent water area and its water was in artificial ditches as the Scoaltore di Reno ( Cavo Napoleonico ), the Grand Navile (still in operation) and the Canale Savena derived. Reno is also the Italian name of the Rhine, as well as this was the name of Reno in antiquity Rhenus.


It rises in the Etruscan Apennines and ends after 211 km of the Adriatic Sea. It is the tenth longest river in Italy. The river is designated by the name Reno in the province of Pistoia at an altitude of 745 meters above sea level, where the two streams of the Reno di Prunetta ( source at an altitude of 1020 meters above sea level ) flow together, and the Reno di Campolungo. Its drainage basin has an area of ​​5040 km ² and its lower course is navigable for a distance of 30 km. It is the longest watercourse of the Emilia -Romagna region and the longest among those who did not open into the Po. With a fluctuating amount of water in the first part of the river of Reno happen the city of Bologna and flows briefly north of the Valli di Comacchio in the Adriatic Sea.


Along its course lead many rivers in the Reno ( among them the Setta and its tributary Brasimone, the streams Limentra di Treppio, Silla, Vergatello, Limentra di Sambuca, Samoggia, Idice, Sillaro, Santerno and Senio ).