The Sillaro in Castel San Pietro Terme

The Sillaro a river in the Tuscany and Emilia -Romagna in Italy, which flows 66 km in Reno.


The Sillaro rises in the municipality Firenzuola in the Province of Florence in Tuscany. After a few kilometers it reaches the region of Emilia -Romagna in the town of Giugnola, a district of Firenzuola and Castel del Rio (Bologna ). Then he reached the town of Castel San Pietro Terme and Castel Guelfo di Bologna. Here he leaves the province of Bologna and flows through Conselice ( Ravenna ). In Argenta he enters the Province of Ferrara. It flows 66 km in Reno, practically together with the river Idice. The Sillaro forms the historic border between Emilia Romagna and or between the dialect areas.