Position of the Senio

The Senio at Palazzuolo sul Senio

The Senio is a 92 km river with length in the province of Ravenna in Italy.

He is the last right tributary of the Reno before it empties into the Adriatic Sea. The water flow varies between 0.3 and about 500 cubic meters per second with an average of 10 cubic meters. He entspring in the Tuscan- Romagnolo Apennines near the mountain Carzolano in the Province of Florence and opens 6 km northeast of Alfonsine in Reno. In 1797 he was the scene of many battles between the French and Papal troops. Fights between Germans and Allies were held here also in the Second World War.

Riverside lie Palazzuolo sul Senio ( FI), Casola Valsenio, Riolo Terme, Castel Bolognese, Solarolo, Lugo, Bagnacavallo Fusignano and Alfonsine.

The Romans called the river Simnius.

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