RFactor is a racing simulator for personal computers. The architecture allows, in principle, to operate any type of four-wheeled motor vehicles. An accurate tire model, complex aerodynamics, accurate mechanics and physics, day and night changes and driver changes underscore our claim to represent a highly realistic racing simulation.


RFactor is from Image Space Incorporated ( ISI) developed, which have several years of experience in the development of commercial, and military simulations. The previous release was F1 Challenge '99 -'02, which was published by EA Sports.

The rendering engine gMotor 2.0 found next to rFactor also in the GT racing series by SimBin use, which GTR - FIA GT Racing, GT Legends, Race07 and GTR Evolution includes.

For 2011, a sequel to the game, rFactor 2, announced, but the release was delayed until 2012.


The publisher ISI won the Game published on 21 September 2007 as a DVD version after it was previously only available as a download version, over a via Internet to be acquired key (Key) was unlock.

Cars and tracks

The basic version of rFactor includes the following cars and tracks.

Rolling stock

  • 2008 BMW Sauber F1.08 - High- seater (the official add-on of ISI, available as a download )
  • 2007 BMW Sauber F1.07 - High- seater (the official add-on from ISI included in the DVD version )
  • 2006 Formula IS - High- seater
  • 2005 Hammer - touring car
  • 2005 Howston - touring car
  • 2006 National Stock Car - NASCAR
  • 2005 Rayzor - Rally
  • 2006 RF3 - seater
  • 2005 Rhez - compact sports car with front wheel drive
  • 2006 Rhez - compact sports car with front wheel drive
  • 2006 rTrainer - seater
  • 2005 Venom - Rally
  • 2005 ZR - high-performance sedan


  • Barcelona - Permanent track
  • Autodromo Nazionale Brianza - Permanent race track with six track layouts
  • Essington Park - permanent race
  • Jacksonville Speedway - Super Speedway with steep curves
  • Jaiding Circuit - Permanent race track with three track layouts
  • Joesville Speedway - Speedway
  • Lienz Festival of Speed ​​- country roads
  • Mills Metropark - Permanent race track with two different routes
  • Montreal - Permanent track
  • Northamptonshire - Permanent track
  • Nürburgring - Permanent track
  • Orchard Lake - Short Track
  • Sardian Heights - Temporary racetrack with two track layouts
  • Toban Raceway Park - Permanent race track with four track layouts


Especially popular in the community rFactor enjoys precisely because of the ability to almost completely modify the game and adapt to their own needs and interests. A central role is played by the so-called " mods " which are usually provided free of charge by individuals or specialized modding groups on the Internet. Way, individual vehicles, tracks, all racing series or functions such as telemetry, commonly used in Formula 1 KERS can be retrofitted, making the functionality of the software can be extended to almost every conceivable race scenario. Among other things, production vehicles, Rallybolliden, monster trucks and even experimental racing boats are available. Generally speaking, today is superior in rFactor a lot of the mods by far the quality and detail of standard cars and tracks.

The publication of a subject present in the final stages of development the Porsche 997 GT3 Cup mod by EnduRacers was prevented by Porsche in September 2012, as the automaker feared competition for their own project.