RFC Liège

The RFC Liege, also RFC Liège, Liège FC, ​​Club Luik ( in Dutch ) is a Belgian football club from the city of Liège. He currently plays in the third division. The association is perhaps best characterized is known to have the sale of Jean -Marc Bosman after the end of its contract in 1990 rejected, which led to the Bosman ruling, a judgment of the European Court of Justice, which drew a large structural change in European football by itself.


The club was founded in 1892 as FC Liège and became a member of the Belgian Football Association when it was founded in 1895. The association is the first Belgian champion ( 1896). In 1920 the Royal prefix was added to the club name, after the club had already won three championships. 1952 and 1953 won the RFC Liège two more championships and at the time was the only team that could compete with the unchallenged dominance of RSC Anderlecht. Between 1965 and 1985 there were mainly poor results and the club survived with the help of his old tradition: young players who come from their own club, and loyal supporters.

Towards the end of the 1980s played the RFC Liège at international level ( in particular against Benfica, Juventus, Rapid Vienna, Hibernian Edinburgh, Werder Bremen and Athletic Bilbao) and won the 1990 and the Belgian Cup. After the bankruptcy was inevitable, the stadium was sold and demolished to build a cinema. The club joined the RFC 1995 Tilleur -Saint- Nicolas ( a suburb of Liege club ) in order to establish the RFC Tilleur Liege.

The club was relegated from the First Division ( which he belonged since 1945 ) from up to the third tier. The word Tilleur was finally removed in 2000 from the association name. Since 1995, the association changes between the second and fourth league and won the 1996 title of the third division champion. 2008, RFC Liege last master of the third division and was promoted to the second division, from which it descended again after two seasons.


  • Belgian Championship Master (5): 1896, 1898, 1899, 1952, 1953
  • Vice ( 3): 1897, 1959, 1961
  • Winner ( 1): 1990
  • Finalist ( 1): 1987
  • Winner ( 1): 1986
  • Master ( 3): 1912, 1923, 1944
  • Master (3): 1943, 1996, 2008