Richard Riemerschmid

Richard Riemerschmid ( born June 20, 1868 in Munich, † April 13, 1957 ibid ) was pictorial designer, art professor, architect and an important artist of the Art Nouveau in Germany.


Riemerschmid, a grandson of Anton Riemerschmid, attended after high school in 1886 at Wilhelmsgymnasium Munich from 1887 to 1889 under Gabriel Hackl and Ludwig von Löfftz the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and worked as a freelance artist and architect. He was commissioned by the Cologne Chocolate producer Ludwig Stollwerck collecting images for Stollwerck scrapbooks, including the series " seasons " for the Stollwerck Scrapbook no.. 4 of 1899, he was co-founder of United Workshops for Art in Crafts ( 1897) and the Deutscher Werkbund (1907 ); 1912-1924 he headed the School of Applied Arts in Munich ( in 1946 incorporated into the academy ) and from 1926 to 1931 as a professor and director of the Cologne factory schools. He was the architectural and artistic director of the German trade show in Munich in 1922.

Riemerschmid, pioneer of the modern movement " arts and crafts ", framed, influenced by the English Arts and Crafts Movement, furniture, wallpaper, fabrics and articles made of glass and porcelain. He also created a design for the interior of the Munich Chamber Games (1900/1901) and a development plan Hellerau Garden City (now belonging to Dresden ). He also worked with Joseph Maria Olbrich, as well as with his friend and colleague Bruno Paul, the interior and facilities of the 1906 off the stack overflowed twin-screw express mail steamer Crown Princess Cecilie, which at that time was the most ambitious and most successful German passenger ship projects.

1917 published Riemerschmid among other things and wrong ways of our art education.

In 1895 he married actress Ida Hofmann, his sister married Karl Schmidt -Hellerau, the founder of the German factories for craftsmanship.

According to current opinion Riemerschmid was forced after 1933 by the Nazis into inner emigration. However, contradicted by the fact that he was honored at the instigation of Albert Speer on July 20, 1943, the Goethe Medal for Art and Science.

His grave is in the cemetery of Graefelfing.

Row of houses in Dresden- Hellerau

Villa Fischel in Kiel

Villa Fischel in Kiel, after renovation in 2011 in the original colors

Staircase at the Villa Fischel in Kiel

Villa Lindenhof in Mr. Lingen

Evangelical School for Girls (Munich ) Pasing

Dinner Plate from the Meissen porcelain service "Blue panicle ", 1903-1905


Buildings and interiors (selection)


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The estate was written in 1973 in the German Art Archives of the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg.


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