Rijkswaterstaat was founded in 1798 as the Bureau for the Water State (Office of the hydraulic engineering ) and is an executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment ( until 2010 the Ministry of Transport and Water ), which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads and waterways. The final acceptance of major rail projects such as the Betuwe line or the HSL -Zuid ( High Speed ​​Line South) fall within its remit.

The motto of the Ministry is: Rijkswaterstaat is the kingdom of service that ensures your feet dry, clean and sufficient water and fast, smooth traffic. RWS is divided into ten regional, six specialized and two special services. The much older water boards, which are responsible for the regional water balance, do not belong to RWS.

Regional departments

Rijkswaterstaat is in regional offices, directorates formerly divided. It is headed by a chief engineer director. The regions are subdivided into water and road districts. Previously, each province had its own regional organization. Today, the Directorates of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe are summarized as Regional Service North Netherlands. Overijssel and Gelderland are merged to form the Regional Service eastern Netherlands. Most often, but not always, a provincial border is the border of the Regional service.

Currently, the following departments of Rijkswaterstaat operate:

  • RWS Noord -Nederland in Leeuwarden
  • RWS Noord -Holland Haarlem
  • RWS Oost -Nederland in Arnhem
  • RWS IJsselmeergebied in Lelystad
  • RWS Zuid -Holland Rotterdam
  • RWS Utrecht Nieuwegein
  • RWS Zeeland in Middelburg
  • RWS Noord- Brabant 's- Hertogenbosch
  • RWS Limburg in Maastricht
  • RWS Noordzee in Rijswijk

Special services

  • Counseling Geo-Information and ITC in Delft
  • Counseling center traffic and transport in Rotterdam
  • Construction management in Utrecht
  • Bureau of Waterways and customer in Delft
  • National Institute for Coastal and lake in The Hague
  • National Institute for freshwater storage and waste water treatment in Lelystad
  • Water services in Lelystad

Find out more

  • Rijkwaterstaat originated from the military ( pioneers ), the first employees wore uniforms, today still carry around 1,000 employees, the dark blue uniform.
  • In the 19th century Rijkswaterstaat led by the construction of numerous churches, to what is now called Water State churches.
  • Employees who control roads and ensure the waste along the highways, are contract workers.
  • During the Cold War, many lock keepers were automatically NCOs.
  • The road salt depots along the highways are the property of Rijkswaterstaat. When driving on ice and snow automatically private trucking company be ordered for winter service.
  • The staff of the services themselves different: I work at Wet, means he works for the water sector, or dry, which means working with the street department.