Río Muni

Mbini denotes the located on the African mainland part of Equatorial Guinea. He was formerly known as Río Muni. As Región Continental Mbini today represents one of the two regions of the country dar.


Mbini is 26,017 km ² and has about 400,000 inhabitants, who belong mostly to the people of the catch. It is bordered to the north by Cameroon, Gabon on the south and east and to the west by the Gulf of Guinea. It lies about 2 ° north of the equator and therefore has a tropical climate. The capital of Mbini is Bata, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, located on Bioko and is called Malabo.

The coastal plain is only about 20 km wide, behind the land rises to about 1000 m elevation.


This area was claimed in the 15th century by Portugal in 1778 and ceded to Spain. The landlocked country was colonized until about 1900. During the First World War, 1916, the German colonial forces in Río Muni Cameroon intern to not capitulate to the Allies have.

In 1960, the territory was divided into two Spanish provinces, which were re-united in 1963.

1968 ( October 12 ) was the independent Republic of Equatorial Guinea. Its first president was Francisco Macías Nguema.

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