RIS is an abbreviation for:

  • RIS file format in the reference management
  • Radiology Information System in Medicine
  • Rail Interface System, a mounting rail of weapons for target devices or the like.
  • Council information system of cities, towns and counties
  • Spatially-referenced information system in Geoinformatics
  • Junior high school in Stiftland
  • Legal Information System in the legal computer science
  • Right to informational self-determination in the Notice, see personality rights
  • Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria, one of the public accessible free of charge and without registration, online documentation of legislation in Austria
  • Regio Infra Service Saxony, an infrastructure and railway transport companies in Saxony.
  • Regional Innovation Strategy, see Economic Development
  • Regulatory Information Services, Services for the publication of regulatory messages on the London Stock Exchange
  • Passenger information system of Deutsche Bahn AG, see passenger information system
  • Remote Installation Services to distribute software in the computer science
  • Research Information System, a format for exchange of bibliographic data
  • Rewe - Informations-Systeme GmbH
  • RIS - The language of the dead, a German television series on Sat.1
  • R.I.S. Police scientifique, a French television series since 2006
  • River Information Services for river navigation, see River Information Services

Ris is the name of geographical objects in France:

  • Ris ( Hautes- Pyrénées), a town in the Hautes -Pyrénées
  • Ris (Puy -de- Dôme), a municipality in the department of Puy -de- Dôme
  • Ris -Orangis, a municipality in the department of Essonne
  • Canton Ris -Orangis in the department of Essonne

Ris is the surname of the following persons:

  • Abraham Ris (also: Abraham Ries; * ca 1763 died 1834), Swiss rabbi
  • Friedrich Ris (1867-1931), Swiss psychiatrist and entomologist
  • Fritz Ris (1897-1973), German engineer and entrepreneur
  • Günter Ferdinand Ris (1928-2005), German sculptor
  • Louis Nicolas Clément de Ris (1714-1786), French Advocat
  • Ris Raphael (1728-1813), Swiss rabbi and Kabbalist
  • Roland Ris ( b. 1939 ), Swiss linguist
  • Sigmund Ris (1431-1532), Austrian clergyman and library founder
  • Walter Ris (1924-1989), American swimmer

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