Rømer scale

The Rømer scale is an old temperature scale and is considered the forerunner of the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. It was developed in 1701 by the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer ( 1644-1710 ). Temperatures according to this scale, in degrees Rømer (Abbreviation: ° Rø ) specified.

The zero point of the scale is defined by the melting point of brine. As a second reference point on the scale used Rømer the boiling point of water and put it on 60 ° Rø. The values ​​between these two points he arrived by linear scaling with interpolation. According to this scale ice has a melting point of 7.5 ° Rø.

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit learned of Rømer 's work and visited him 1708. He took over the idea of ​​two reference points ( boiling and melting point of certain substances ) and made ​​it his goal to improve this scale. In 1714 he developed from the Fahrenheit scale. Even Celsius adopted the idea for its Celsius scale.

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