Robert H. Justman

Robert H. Justman ( born July 13, 1926 in Brooklyn, New York, † May 28, 2008 in Los Angeles ) was an American film producer and assistant director.

Justman was primarily known for his work with Gene Roddenberry in the television series Star Trek (Star Trek).

Born in 1926 Justman, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, worked in the 1950s as an assistant director, among others, director Robert Aldrich in the production of rats nest (Kiss Me Deadly ), Maasai ( Apache) and Ardennes 1944 (Attack! ) together.

Just Mans activity for television also began in the 1950s, among other things, he was an assistant director on several episodes of The Adventures of Superman, Lassie and Northwest Passage.

In 1964, Justman met Roddenberry and was assistant director on The Cage of the first Star Trek pilot episode. Later Justman co-producer of the series. In the 1970s, Justman produced the television series The Man from Atlantis ( The Man from Atlantis ), and in the 1980s the television series ER.

From 1986 Justman again worked with Gene Roddenberry. Justman produced 17 episodes of the new Star Trek series Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek: The Next Generation).