Man from Atlantis

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The Man from Atlantis or The Man from the Sea ( Original Title: Man from Atlantis ) is an American fantasy / science- fiction television series (1977-1978 ), led by Mark Harris, the last survivors of Atlantis. First of four TV movies were produced, which was continued from 13 series episodes. However, the increasingly discredited worthy act quickly let fall the audience and the show was canceled after only one season.

Original Air Date in the U.S. was on March 1, 1977 on NBC. In Germany, the ARD beamed from November 1982 to January 1983 for the first time eleven episodes from under the title The Man From The Sea and until September 1988, the series showed the private broadcaster RTL Plus again and also sent to February 1989, not yet shown a further nine episodes in German premiere. Since that time, the series changed hands several times in various TV broadcasters.


Walkers discover at dusk on the beach an unconscious man who was apparently washed ashore. Quickly, he is taken to the hospital, but where the doctors can not help him. When the doctors have almost given up the unconscious man, asks the randomly present at the examination marine biologist Dr. Elizabeth Merrill, to be allowed to examine the unconscious. After they discovered that the unconscious has no traditional lungs, her comes the bright idea the stranger to bring back into the sea. Once there, the thought dead comes back to life.

Mark Harris, as the found is called, suffers amnesia and can not even after his health restoring remember where it comes from and why he is different: Mark has webbed toes and fingers, can swim faster than a dolphin, has very light-sensitive eyes and developed forces that exceed those of normal people. However, these forces are dependent on water and longer stays ashore let Mark be weak. Basic plot of the series was Mark's search for the truth about his origins, but which was never clarified.

The United States government wants to make Marks peculiarities advantage and persuaded him along with Dr. Merrill and CW Crawford perform a wide variety of jobs. Officially they work for an underwater research laboratory with the aid of modern high-tech submarine Cetacean. With this, they examine a number of bizarre phenomena, including portals that lead to other dimensions. In addition, there are encounters with a variety of sea creatures and aliens.

The man from Atlantis Often recurring enemy is the portly millionaire, Mr. Schubert, who has an unusual interest in Mark.


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The Man from Atlantis was the first American television series, which was shown in the People's Republic of China. There they ran from 1980 under the title大西洋 底 来 的 人, which can be translated " from the bottom of the Atlantic, the man " with.

When the show was canceled quickly due to lack of ratings, Patrick Duffy had the chance to start with the filming of the soap opera Dallas, which became his biggest success to date.