Rocky Mountain Trench

The Rocky Mountain Trench is a grave system immediately west of the North American Rocky Mountains.

Physical Geography

The Rocky Mountain Trench stretches over a distance of about 1600 km directly west of the Rocky Mountains of Flathead Lake in Montana to the border between British Columbia and the Yukon Territory to go. There he goes over in the Yukon Plateau in several grave breaches, including the up to Alaska in executing Tintina Trench. The 20-25 km wide, characterized by steep slopes and terraced trench is despite partial glacial reshaping a byproduct of the uplift of the Rocky Mountains.

Some of the major river systems of the western Rocky Mountains drain it in parts. The following waters and passes lying along the Rocky Mountain Trench:

54.5 - 122.5Koordinaten: 54 ° 30 '0 " N, 122 ° 30 ' 0 " W

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