Roscoff ( Rosko Breton ) is a commune with 3594 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Finistère in Brittany.

Culture and sights


  • Church of Notre- Dame de Batz Croaz
  • Mary Queen of Scots House, in which the 5 -year-old Mary Stuart to have lived.


Economy, Transport and Tourism

Previously Roscoff was an important trading center for onions, which were shipped to England. The port is the goal and starting point for ferries to the Brittany Ferries across the English Channel. Likewise, you can reach the nearby Île de Batz.

Roscoff is located at the western end of the cycle route Euro Velo 4, which ends in Kiev. At the same time it is on the bike route Euro Velo 1, which runs from the North Cape to the Portuguese Sagres.

View from the Ile de Batz to Roscoff