Roue de Paris

The Roue de Paris is a Ferris wheel in Paris, which was first established in December 1999 to commemorate the Millennium on the Place de la Concorde. It was built by the firm Nauta Bussink in the Netherlands. It is in the tradition of the Grande Roue de Paris, which was built for the World Fair in 1900 and 1937 broken down.

The original operating license for the Roue de Paris expired on 31 December 2000. Nevertheless, the operator Marcel Campion refused to cease operation. It was only after a court ruling he built the Ferris wheel from in January 2002 and sold it to the UK. There it was from November 2003 to February 2004 in Birmingham and in December 2004 at the Christmas market in Manchester. In early 2005 it was sold to the company Magic Fair Attractions bv Dutchman Leon Snep sold. After a short visit at the World Town Fair in Sittard -Geleen it was in the summer months on the Museum Island in Amsterdam. 2006 was the Ferris wheel in Bangkok. It now belongs to the company Freij Entertainment International

Since Easter 2010, there is a giant wheel of the same name back in Paris. It involves a newly built model of the Dutch carousel forge Mondial. The height is given as 55 meters. The special feature: it is built on three semi-trailers. These three transports for the gondolas and one for the other structures are still needed. It is during the year at four different locations: April to May at the Foire du Trone, in July and August at the Fête des Tuileries from September to October at the Fête à Neu -Neu and from mid December to January at the Place de la Concorde at the entrance of the Jardin des Tuileries.


  • Height: 56 meters ( 55 feet new in 2010 )
  • Diameter: 53 meters (new 53 meters )
  • Gondolas: 42 ( New 42)
  • Spokes: 21 ( New 14)
  • Maximum speed: 1.5 rpm ( ≈ 4 m / s ) (New? )
  • Capacity: 252 people (6 per gondola ) (new 252 at 6 passengers per gondola )
  • Base 25 x 20.5 meters (new 24 x 19 meters)

The Old Roue de Paris had its foundation in a 40,000 liter water tank. The new wheel is built on three feeders and comes without baggage from

Except for the decoration it is identical with the Ferris wheel Bellevue Jr. of Düsseldorf showman Oscar Bruch